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Yellow Sneezeweed (Helenium amarum)

Helenium amarum is a species of annual herb in the daisy family known by the common names yellowdicks, yellow sneezeweed, fiveleaf sneezeweed, and bitter sneezeweed.

Yellow Sneezeweedis native to much of the south-central United States and northern Mexico.  It has been introduced in other regions of North America, Australia, and the West Indies.

Helenium amarum grows up to 28 inches in height.  The tops of stem branches hold daisy-like flower heads.  It produces a tiny fruit which has been known to be eaten by the Greater Prairie Chicken, but the plant is toxic to most animals because it contains a chemical called Lactone Tenulin and can even kill horses if consumed in great enough quantities. While it has not been known to kill bovines, it will cause mild from dairy cattle to taste bitter. 

Photo was taken in West Central Texas. To learn more about the Yellow Sneezeweed and other wildflowers of Texas, check out these books.

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