My Latest Video

In this video I test out the Goture SWORD 210 Telescopic Carbon Fiber Rod. I do an actual fishing trip with this rod and do live testing on real fish. This video is real life and some unexpected events occur that put this rod and reel under way more stress then I every intended and they both held up nicely to the task.

REVIEW: Goture SWORD 210 Telescopic Carbon Fiber Rod. Live fishing test. Huge Fish caught!

Here is a list of the equipment used and seen in this video.

Manufacturer's Product Description

Perfect for Traveling Anglers, Goture SWORD Telescopic Rod that comes with a quality hard plastic packaging box will easily fit inside your backpack, suitcase or under your car seat, ideal for a number of fishing situations.

Made of high density 24 ton carbon fiber and E-Glass composite that can Deadlift Up to 10 Pounds. Rugged tubular carbon fiber and E-Glass construction delivers extraordinary toughness, while precisely tuned actions accommodate to specific fishing techniques.

CNC Machined Aluminum Reel Seat resists saltwater corrosion and keeps reel security in place during long days on rough water.

Super durable Stainless Steel Guides with Ceramic Rings endure hard use and reduce line friction.

The included butt cap allows you to fish comfortably without a fighting belt. A speed EVA Butt Handle gives you a non-slip hold in wet conditions.

The Goture SWORD Telescopic rod has all the advantageous features for comfortable fishing all day, and is made with materials Tough Engouh to Dominate Oversized Saltwater Game Fish, and hold up to harsh saltwater fishing environments.