Guide for Creating your own Survival Go Bag

Question one, Do you need a Survival Go Bag? Well, the answer to this question depends on what you think you are preparing for.  Are you preparing for the end of the world?  If you are, then all you need to do is get right with Jesus.  It is after all, "The End of the World!" you are preparing for. But if you are taking a more practical approach to be prepared, then there are some things you should consider.  You are way more likely to encounter situations in your everyday life that require some kind of preparedness, then your chances are of facing some apocalyptic world-shattering event. So, let's start with this kind of "Practical" Survival Go Bag and go from there.


Prepare for Today!

I just got back from a trip to South America.  While there I was traveling in some remote areas and I encountered a man with a severe hand infection.  He had gone to the Government hospital, but they had no medicine to give him.  His hand was swollen and a dark color and the man was in severe pain.  I knew the situation was dire. Having read the complete Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook several times through, I knew the man was bordering on an infection that could cost him his hand and possibly his life.

Man's Infected hand

Infected Hand

A MUST Read for any Serious Survivalist


 Luck for him I had brought my Survival Go Bag with me on the trip, which included an emergency medical kit. Because I was prepared, I was able to start treating the man immediately by cleaning and doctoring his hand (which had wrapped in an old dirty rag).  I began him on a regimen of pain meds and anti-inflammatory drugs which I carry with me.  I also started him on multi-vitamins to strengthen his immune system in the event that I could not find antibiotics (which I normally would have had with me but had removed from my Survival Go Bag because of international travel regulations).  

Me, setting up an emergency clinic on old milk create

Emergency Kit in Action


No Go bag should be without a medical kit!


I am glad to say that due to my being prepared and having the right equipment and "Knowledge" on hand, this man, a husband and a father, did not lose his life or his hand to this serious infection.  I was able to locate the correct antibiotic and those played a huge part in saving his life.  That day it was a strangers life I saved, but it might have been yours, or my own.  My point is, don't just prepare for an apocalypse that we all hope never comes; Prepare for TODAY!

Below you find a long list of items that I recommend and use myself.  I carry all these things in my Survival Go Bags or Bug Out Bag (BOB).  I am going to divide the list into two sections.  The first section will the things I recommend for what I call the "Everyday Go Bag".   The second section will be all the things I recommend for what I call a "Wilderness Survival Pack".   The wilderness survival pack will include everything in everyday go bag, plus additional gear and tools that can enable a person to survive off the land for an extended period of time.   You can jump to the section about the wilderness survival pack by Clicking Here.


The Everyday "Survival Go Bag"

I have a backpack that goes everywhere with me. It is what I call my Travel Bag.  I don't take it down to the corner store to buy milk with me, but it goes anywhere I go out of town with me.  It contains just basic things I will need no matter where I go, city or woods.  It is always set up to and I just add my clothes to it when I travel. 

Everyday Go Pack Kit


Choosing the right Pack for your Survival Go Bag

The most important part of a go bag is the bag itself.  You want something that is of good quality and has the storage and pockets necessary to store your essentials and keep them in order. Since this is your everyday go bag, it does not need to look like you are going on a special-ops mission.  This will be what you carry on planes, in hotels, on vacation, etc.  It is best not to shout to the world, "Hey! Here is my GO BAG that is full of survival gear!"  Part of smart preparedness is not looking like you are. Plus, if you travel internationally like me, you really don't want to draw the wrong kind of attention and scrutiny from officials in some countries where camo is against the law because it is reserved for Military Only use.

Call me old fashion, but I just like a pack with side pouches like the Kelty Redwing 44 Tactical

These style of packs are getting harder and harder to find.  I like order and nothing helps me keep my Go Bag in order like "Pockets".  A lot of new style packs don't have side pockets and only a couple of main compartments.  Great for slimline efficiency, but not great for keeping things orderly.  Side pockets provide an out of the way place to keep a lot of extra gear that you may not use on a daily basis, but you need to have on you in case you need it. 


Choosing the Right Gear for your Survival Go Bag

The arguments that have been held about what gear to keep in a go bag could melt down the Google servers. There are as many opinions about this as there are people on earth.  But for the Everyday Go Bag (EDGB), things get a little easier.  What you need is a combination of what you will need every day, and the bare essentials you need in case of an emergency.  You need to include all the things you will need for Urban Survival and at a minimum the bare essentials for Wilderness survival.  I personally carry two of the really important stuff.  Here is a list of the basic gear I carry in my EDGB. I carry more then what you see here, but this would be the most crucial items I would not leave home without.


Basic Survival Tools for your Survival Go Bag

LED Headlight

HQ Ultralite Reel

Pocket Emergency Fishing Kit

10 Compartment Mini Tackle Box

For small size fishing tackle.  Click Here to see a list of items I recommend you to add to this kit. 

Mini First-Aid Kit


Urban Survival Basics for your Survival Go Bag

Back up Travel Phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, 32 GB

I cannot tell you how many times I have needed a backup phone in my travels.  

USB Charging Cables

Mini USB Multi-Reader


Basic Emergency Travel Medication for your Survival Go Bag

Emergency Acid Reflux Relief

Emergency Diarrhea Relief

Emergency Spiritual Encouragement

Because not all emergencies are physiological.


Long Term Survival Go Bag

This section will cover the items I recommend for backpack intended for surviving off the land in a remote location where a person is cut off from civilization for an extended period of time.  I call this a Long Term Survival Go Bag. Since this kit is intended to enable a single individual to live off of the land, it does not include a compliment of food items, but these can be added as desired.  This pack will include all of the items in the Everyday Survival Go Pack, plus many additional items that are geared towards long term wilderness survival.

The Long Term Survival Go Bag pack is meant to keep you alive, not necessarily comfortable.  You can't carry a five-star resort hotel on your back.  This pack is intended to be used in conjunction with knowledge and experience about wilderness survival that the person has gained and developed beforehand. Tools to survive alone are not adequate unless they are in the hands of someone who knows how to use them.  Knowledge is more Valuable than tools! 


Large Heavy Duty Backpack

Heavy Duty Cutting Blade

This is the #1 most important tool!


Imacasa (Corneta) machete are the most used and trusted machetes in all of central and South America, where people use them on a daily basis to make a living and survive.


Construction Blade (Optional)

This is only if you intended to build long term structures. (Log Cabin)

Condor Greenland Pattern Axe

This ax is actually made by the Imacasa/Corneta Company in El Salvador of the same high-quality steel as the machete. The head is really all you need in your pack, as you can make a more effective full-size handle with the machete in the field if you plan to do large construction, such as building a log cabin.


Survival Weapon

Ruger 10/22 Take-Down SS

Although there are many excellent choices for a survival weapon depending on what your idea of surviving is, I personally believe that the Ruger 10/22 is a great choice. Watch this video to learn more about this model of the Ruger 10/22:


Ruger 10-22 Takdown

Compact Quick Detach Scope System (Optional)


UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope

NcSTAR NC Star Ruger 10/22 Mount

UTG Integral 1" Offset QD Ring Mount

Optional scope system for a survival weapon.   Watch this video to learn more about this system.


Sleeping Bag


0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag

This is a highly rated all-around good bag. Your bag choice should reflect your own needs and climate.


Yo-Yo Hand Reel with 100lb mono line


80lb Monofilament line 


Premium Mono Nylon Line

10 be wound on the Yo Yo


Large Compact Tackle Box


Goture Compact Waterproof Tackle Box - Large

For large fishing tackle.  Click Here of recommended Items to add to this kit.


Ultra-Compact Hammock


Ultralight Portable Nylon Hammock

Because good rest is an important part of surviving long term.


Compact Sewing Kit

For mending torn clothes