The Ultimate Budget Shark Rod Setup for medium to large sharks

So, you have been thinking about fishing for big sharks.  You want to go but you have no idea what you need and when you look for equipment, your wallet creamed and ran out the door.  Not to worry.  Here is my personal Shark Rod Setup to give you some guidance on what to buy.  You don't don't have to spend thousands to go shark fishing, but you need to be prepared to handle a big boy if he comes a calling. This Shark Rod Setup will handle just about anything you will ever hook into.  No, it won't catch a 20 foot, Great White, but it will handle anything up to 10 feet and maybe a little more. 

When it comes to shark rod setups or rods for any large hard fighting fish, it is important to remember that the longer the rod is, the more leverage the fish has against you. Your rod is basically a lever.  As with any lever, the longer it is, the more power you get out of it.  So when it comes to catching huge powerful fish like sharks, longer is not always better.  For really big fish, a shorter stouter rod may be the best choice.

Here is my personal Shark Rod setup.

Shark Rod Setup

My Personal Shark Rod Setup


Here is what this rod is made up of:

REEL = Penn FTH50LW Fathom  Penn Reel for your Shark Rod Setup
ROD =Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater 8' Good Rod for your Shark Rod Setup
LINE = 500 Yards of 80lb  Power Pro Spectra Line for your Shark Rod Setup
LEADER = 100' of 100lb Hi-Seas Grand Slam Monofilament Leader for your Shark Rod Setup


TAIL SCRAPE LEADER: 8 feet of 500lb Catch-All Monofilament

Leader line for your Shark Rod Setup

SHARP TOOTH LEADER: American Fishing Wire Stainless Steel

Leader wire for your Shark Rod Setup

SWIVELS = 300lb Riptail Rolling Barrel Swivels

Swivel for your Shark Rod Setup

HOOK = 9/0  Mustad UltraPoint Circle Hook

Hooks for your Shark Rod Setup

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