Best Starter Rod and Reel for beginners

When I was a kid, the reel to have was the Zebco 33.  Only the coolest kids had a Zebco 33.  I worked one summer with my dad when I was 8 years old helping him on his job and made enough money to buy one.  I had that reel for years and I still have several Zebco 33s combos in my fishing equipment today that I keep for beginners that I might want to take fishing.  Even though the modern versions are not made as quite good as the ones that were made 40 years ago, they are still a great place for a beginning fishermen to start and grow.  They are more capable then some would think if you know how to use one.  I have caught some pretty big fish on a Zebco 33, including a 32 inch Northern Pike and 10lb Jack Jack Carvel.



Northen Pike Zebco 33




Now if you are looking for something that will have the same ease as the Zebco 33, but will offer a lot more quality and durability, there is a great option in the Zebco Omega.  I have one of these and I can tell you they are well built and will last a long time.

Zebco Fishing Omega Spincast Combo