“Rugged Individualism and Self Reliance are the foundation of True Freedom.” – The Jungle Explorer

Welcome to my site.  This site is about me, The Jungle Explorer.  Why do I call myself, The Jungle Explorer, when my site is not about exploring jungles?  You know, that is a good question!  No, the real reason is because I spent over 20 years of my life traveling around the world doing exploration work in jungles and thus the nickname “The Jungle Explorer”.  I hope to one day to return to the jungle and make some videos about the jungle and share the extensive knowledge I have amassed over the years with the world.  Until then, I have decided to share my experience and knowledge with you right here where I am at right now, in the great State of TEXAS.

The primary purpose of my site is to share my knowledge and experience with you.  Because of my unique life I have learned many unusual things.  Most importantly is the ability to be self sufficient.  My site is about being a self sufficient independent person.  This is what I call, being a “Rugged Individualist”.  A rugged individualist is a person who is not dependent on what I call “The Safety Net of Civilization” to survive.  They are a person who has the skill and knowledge to take care of their basic needs to live and survive without the help of the industrial machine or technology.  I feel that these basic ideology and skills have all but vanished in today’s world and that is why I decided to start making videos to share.  It is my hope that my videos will help those that desire to become “Rugged Individualist”.

I produce many videos for my site about many different subjects, and while not all of them a specifically about rugged individualism, this ideology is at the foundation of everything I do.  I love sharing the things that I enjoy with others, from nature photography to videos on many subjects, like D.I.Y Projects, Product Reviews, Hunting, Wilderness Survival and much more. Go ahead a look around.  There is lots of stuff you to see!



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