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The Ultimate Fat Burning No Workout Diet



Welcome to the Jungle Explorer’s Fat Burning No Workout Diet. There are many diets out there and I have tried a lot of them with very little success.  Finally, I stopped trusting what other people were saying and did the research myself.  Gleaning the best ideas of several diets and adding some of my own, I have constructed a diet that I believe will help any normal healthy person to achieve THEIR normal body weight.  I emphasize the word THEIR because every person is an individual and is a prisoner to the genetic code they were born with.  The Fat Burning No Workout Diet is a real diet and it really works!

The first thing you should understand about your body and this diet is that you should never judge your body by someone else’s standard (body) and you should not judge the success of this diet by trying to look like someone else.  The Fat Burning No Workout Diet is designed for people with low activity lifestyles (not NO activity lifestyle).  Because of modern technology, most of us do not have to work as hard as our parents and grandparents did.  This is both a good and a bad thing.

In the early 1900s there was not an obesity problem for the large majority of the population in America.  The reason for this is that the majority of people had to work very hard to make a living and they did not have the cornucopia of food choices we have today.  Most people lived on a very meager diet.  Today, we live in a society that is the reverse of the one that existed prior to the industrial revolution. Now we work very little and have an almost innumerable amount of food choices available to us.  This has caused an epidemic of overweight people.

Most of us do not have the choice to, and do want to go back to live on a farm and raising our own food by the sweat of our brow.   But we also do not want to be overweight.  If our daily lives are not conducive to a great amount of physical activities, what can we do to lose weight?  Well, this is where the Fat Burning No Workout diet comes into play.  It is designed around this low activity lifestyle that most Americans live today.  It is an all-natural way to lose weight, even if you don’t get a lot of exercise during the day.  There are no pills to take for this diet and no miracle drugs that might have harmful side effects.  This diet is all about changing what you eat and when you eat it.  This diet will change your understanding of what causes you to gain weight.

“YOUR” goal weight on The Fat Burning No Workout Diet

The first thing you need to do before starting this diet is to decide what your goal weight is.  Don’t do this by thinking of someone you want to look like.  To decide what your goal weight is, you need to think back to the time in your life that you felt your best.  What did you weigh when you felt your best as a full grown adult?   This diet is about helping you feel good, not about being the skinniest person you know.


How to measure your success on The Fat Burning No Workout Diet

Now that you have decided what your goal weight is, tell someone close to you what it is.  This will help keep you from modifying it as time goes on. Now allow a bare minimum of one month for every 10 pounds you want to lose.  It may take longer than this depending on how closely you follow the diet.  Also, put away your scale!  You will not need it for at least two weeks.  The worse thing you can do is weigh yourself three times a day to see if you have lost any weight.    Most people will gain three to five pounds during a normal day just through eating and drinking. This extra weight is not part of your body but can serve to discourage you if you weigh yourself and think you have gained weight.

All weighing is to be done in the morning after you have had both bowel movements.  You need to be completely naked when you weigh yourself.  Do this before you put your scale away, and do not do it again for the first 12 days and then every 2 weeks after that.  It is important to have an accurate scale that you trust.  The success of any diet is partly psychological.  This diet will work if you give it the time to work, but you must protect yourself from psychological discouragements that may hinder your will to follow the diet.



You are an ADDICT!

Whether you realize it or not, you are an addict.  You may not be addicted to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, but you are an addict nonetheless.  You are addicted to sugar, or more specifically, glucose, which is what sugar turns into in your digestive system.  You may be thinking, “I don’t even use sugar, how can I be a sugar addict?”  What I am talking about is not what you eat, but what it metabolizes as in your digestive system.  Sugar metabolizes as glucose in your digestive system and so does the majority of the food you eat every day.  All this glucose provides you with a lot of energy, but very little else.  All of this sugar (glucose) prevents you from losing weight because, as long as your body has enough of it, it will not burn your stored fat reserves, which is your body’s reserve source of energy.

Just like an extra fuel tank on a truck, your body’s extra fuel tank is its fat reserves.  In order for your body to start burning these reserves up, your body’s first tank (your stomach) must run out of fuel (glucose).  This diet will eliminate the bad sugars (glucose) from your diet.  I will go into more details about good and bad sugars later.  Right now, I want you to understand that because you are a sugar addict, just like any drug addict, you will go through a period of withdrawal when you follow this diet.

The food you can eat on this diet is delicious, but you will find yourself not wanting to eat it at first.  You will find yourself unconsciously walking to the fridge and staring into it even though you are not hungry.  You will find yourself making up excuses to eat the bad sugars.  I want to say right now, this diet will not work if you eat the bad sugars while on it.  You will actually gain weight if you eat the bad sugar on this diet.

Preparing yourself Psychologically for The Fat Burning No Workout Diet

You must accept that you are a sugar addict and prepare yourself to go through withdrawals before you start this diet.  This is a fat burning no workout diet, but it is not pain-free.   Because 99.99% of all Americans are sugar addicts as well, the entire food industry is geared towards this addiction.  Even though this diet eliminates only four things from your diet, you will soon see that these four things make up the majority of what Americans eat.

A person trying to kick a drug or alcohol addiction can usually get away from drugs or alcohol while going through withdrawals. You will not be able to get away from the bad sugars you are addicted to while going through withdrawals.  In fact, you will have to endure people, especially your family, trying to encourage you to break your diet and getting offended when you don’t. This is because they are all sugar addicts and are just like drug addicts that try to get their friend to use drugs while he or she is trying to kick the habit; your friends and family will not understand why you can’t eat what they are eating.  They will try to convince you that the diet is stupid.  They will cite supposed scientific studies that disprove the method of this diet.  They will try to use every tactic in the book to get you to give up.  If you let them win, you will never lose weight on this or any other diet.

Dieting is about behavior modification.  Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  You have to decide before you start this diet that it is time to change the way you eat forever.  It will do you no good to go on this diet to lose weight and then go back to the same way of eating as before.  This would be insanity.  I guarantee you that once you get over your sugar withdrawals, you will love the food you can eat and you will feel much better than you ever did before.  You just have to prepare psychologically to go through the withdrawals and dealing with your friends and family before you start.

It is important to make a promise to yourself to do this diet.  I have always said, “ If you lie to yourself, who else can trust you?”   Say to yourself out loud and firmly, “ I am going to do this.”  Make sure you tell all of your friends and family right off the bat that you are on a diet and you would appreciate their help.  Tell them what you cannot eat and if their response is “WHAT!” just say again  “I would appreciate your help on this.”  You can try to explain the diet to them but they will most likely not be convinced until they see you losing weight and feeling great.  Then they will have your phone ringing off the hook asking about the diet.



Understanding your body and why The Fat Burning No Workout Diet works

Most diets are based around the idea that you have to eat very little or almost nothing and workout like a dog in order to lose weight.  This is the totally wrong approach to losing weight for most of us with low activity lifestyles.  Our bodies are wonderful biological machines that were designed by God to survive the harshest of conditions.  We are survival machines.  People can survive for extended periods of time without food.

Why is this?  Our bodies have what I call a FAMINE  MODE.  Let’s think of our body as a car.  Our body has the capacity to be a gas hog (Feast Mode) or the most fuel-efficient car on the road (Famine Mode).  Now, the mode you want your body to be in, in order to lose weight, is a Gas Hog mode.  You want your body to burn fuel like a 1978 Ford F-350 with a 460 engine and a Holley four-barrel carburetor that is burning rich.  What you don’t want is for your body to be is a Toyota Prius.

Now, in most cases, if you want to diet, you are overweight and your body is a Gas Hog (Feast Mode).   This is good.   This is what you want.  Unfortunately, most diets tell you that you need to significantly reduce your food intake to start losing weight.  If you do this, you will experience an immediate weight loss in a short period of time that will stop suddenly, and then you begin to gain weight again even though you did not increase your food intake.  Some people will begin to eat less and less trying to lose more weight and not getting a whole lot of results.

Why is this?  When they started the diet, their body was in feast mode. It was a gas hog.  So when they started eating less their body quickly ran out of fuel and had to switch to its reserve tank, it’s fat reserves.  That is the quick weight loss.  After a week or so, during which the food intake did not increase, the body began to think that there was some sort of long-term food shortage like a famine.  That’s when the body’s own survival mechanism kicked in and changed the body from a gas hogging 1978 F-350 (Feast Mode) to a fuel-efficient Toyota Prius (Famine Mode).

When your body goes into famine mode, your body can do the same things as before, but it needs way less fuel to do it.  Also, because your body thinks there is a food shortage that might get worse, it begins to turn any and all excess fuel straight into fat and stores it in it’s reserve tank, mostly around your waist. If you then start to eat less and less, your body becomes more and more fuel-efficient thinking the famine has worsened.

Now at some point, if you eat almost nothing you will exceed your body’s capacity to survive and you will lose weight, but the instant you eat a little bit more, you will immediately gain weight because your body will store the extra food as fat reserves in case the food supply should go down again.  Losing weight and not triggering your body’s “Famine Mode” is very tricky and it is here that most diets fall short.


Do I have to Workout to Lose Weight on The Fat Burning No Workout Diet?

So, might be scratching your head right about now and thinking; “How do you not eat less and still lose weight?  Ah!  I know, I have to spend hours a day in a gym pumping weights, right?”  Wrong again!  Yes, you may lose some weight, but if you are not obese, you might actually gain weight while at the same time losing size.  Why?  Because your body will start converting your body fat into muscle which weighs more.  What’s wrong with that?  Nothing as long as you can afford $600 dollars a year for a gym membership and hours a day to work out for the rest of your life.  And you will probably wear your joints out prematurely and will need to have them replaced at an early age.

The deal here is that, as soon as you stop your intense workout regime, you will gain weight rapidly.  Remember, a diet is not something you do temporarily to lose weight and then go back to the same as before.  A diet is a lifestyle change that you can live with for the rest of your life.  That is why this diet is divided into two parts, a weight loss part, and a weight maintenance part.

This diet is designed around the idea that you have to live with this diet for the rest of your life and that there is more to life than just being skinny.  This diet is designed to cause your body to burn your fat reserves without triggering your body’s’ famine mode.  So, this diet is not about how little you eat, but what you eat and when you eat it.  The timing of your eating habits is an essential part of this diet and it will not work unless you follow the time schedule.  This diet uses your body’s own metabolism to burn fat off even if your daily life does not include a lot of physical exercises


Understanding your Body: Your body is like a car

The basic concept of this diet is that your body is like a car.  When you wake up in the morning your body is just like a car that is sitting and idling very slowly.  Your metabolism is very low in the morning just after you wake up.  It will stay low all day unless you do something to rev up it up.  There are two things you can do to rev up your metabolism, you can take a brisk walk for about a mile or you can eat something.   Both are great, but if you routinely take an early morning walk before you eat you could trigger your body’s famine mode.  So, the first thing you want to do when you get up is, EAT!   Your stomach is a muscle just like all of your body’s other muscles.  It requires energy to digest food.  Your stomach has to do a lot of work to disassemble the food you eat and turn it into essential nutrients your body needs to function. Your body has to supply energy to your stomach so it can digest food.  It does this by revving up your metabolism.  The harder the food is to digest, the more energy it takes to digest it.  The more energy it takes, the more your body has to rev up your metabolism.

So, if you eat the right foods, even though you might not be working hard with the rest of your body, your stomach is working hard and burning calories.  It’s just like a car that is in neutral with the gas pedal to the floor.  It might not be going anywhere, but it is burning a lot of fuel.


When you eat is just as important as What you eat

It is very important to eat at the right times for this diet to work effectively.  This part may require you to change the eating habits that you have held since childhood.  But this diet will not work if you do not follow the eating schedule.


BREAKFAST.  You need to eat breakfast as early as possible and it needs to be before 9:00am at the very latest.  Don’t be skimpy on your breakfast either.  You need to eat a substantial amount.  A two or three egg omelet with ham, cheese, tomatoes, and peppers is about right. You can eat more then this if you like but I am not suggesting that you be gluttonous.  Eating breakfast early is an essential part of this diet.  This early breakfast will get your metabolism revved up and it will stay up for the rest of the day.

LUNCH.  Lunch is another important part of this diet.  It must be eaten before 2:00pm at the very latest.  You most definitely do not want to skimp on lunch.  You need to eat a pretty big lunch.  This large lunch will rev your metabolism up even more.

SUPPER.  Here is the hard part of this diet.  Supper is the biggest meal of the American society.  This is totally wrong.  Unless you work digging ditches with a shovel all day for a living, eating a big supper before you go to bed will just result in all that excess food being stored up as fat.  Here is a critical part of this diet.  You must eat a light supper before 5:00pm, and you can have nothing but water after that.  This is CRITICAL!

Now, you are thinking that this does not sound that hard.  But the food on this diet is going to rev your metabolism up so high that it will be like pushing the gas pedal to the floor of a car that is in neutral.  The light supper will just serve to keep your metabolism going until bedtime, but it will burn off very quickly.  When it does, you will get so hungry that you will feel like eating the paint off the wall.  This is what you want.  It is at this point that you are burning fat.  So when you feel this feeling, just remind yourself that that as long as you are feeling this way, you are losing weight.


Lose weight while you sleep!  Can that be true?

Now here comes the best part, bedtime.  When you go to sleep your body goes into regeneration mode.  While you sleep, your body regenerates itself.  It rebuilds muscle tissue that has been broken down during the day, makes new blood cells and a whole host of other things.  Your body needs a lot of energy to do all this regeneration.  If your stomach is empty, there is only one other source of energy for it to draw this needed energy from.  Where is it going to get it from? That’s right, the reserve tank; your FAT reserves.

As cliché as it sounds, you WILL lose weight while you sleep on this diet.  This is another reason it is so important to eat a good size breakfast early in the morning.  After your body uses your fat reserves all night to repair your body, you don’t want your body to go into famine mode thinking there is a food shortage.  Remember, that the last time you ate was over 12 hours ago if you did not eat anything after 5:00 pm the previous day.  So EAT THAT BREAKFAST!


Say goodbye to BLOATING on the The Fat Burning No Workout Diet

Most of us are so bloated up from eating the bad sugars that we feel like balloons most of the time.  In most cases, you have gotten used to this feeling and will be surprised at what it feels like to not be bloated all the time.  It feels so good!  The one thing you will notice almost immediately after you get over your sugar withdrawals is, you will feel thinner even if you have not lost a large amount of weight.  The reason for this is that the food that you will NOT be eating on this diet is the food that causes you to bloat up.

If you are like me, you feel sluggish and sleepy after a normal big meal.  That will not happen on this diet because you will not be eating the foods that are the cause of that feeling.  Yes, in the beginning, you will experience a lack of energy. This is simply a symptom of sugar withdrawals.  Once your body stops searching for sugar as it’s source of energy, it will learn to draw energy from the food you are now eating and you will start to feel a lot better.


Good Glucose and Bad Glucose

For the purpose of this diet, I will use the terms good and bad to refer to what you can and cannot eat.  When I refer to the food that you cannot eat as Bad, I am not saying that they are necessarily bad for your health, they are just bad because you will never lose weight if you continue to eat them in the quantities that you are used to.  I am also not saying that you can never have them again, but I will talk about that later.

Now, let’s talk about what good and bad glucose are.  For the purpose of this diet, good glucose is glucose that requires more energy to digest then it gives.  Bad glucose is the glucose that gives more energy then it requires to digest.  To make this easier to understand, let me tell you what glucose is in common terms.  Glucose is what all carbohydrates turn into inside your digestive system.  There are some diets out there that suggest that all carbohydrates are bad and that you should eat pure protein.  This is not one of those diets.  But there are some forms of carbohydrates that give you more energy then you are using and result in stored fat.  This is especially true if you do not work hard for a living and have a very inactive lifestyle.  That is why I call this the Fat Burning No Workout diet.

Now, I am not saying that you don’t ever need to do any cardio activity. Regardless of weight loss, cardio activity is necessary for your general body and heart health.  To keep your heart healthy and strong, you should do some form of exercise to break a sweat at least once a week or more.  I do not suggest that you go to the gym and pump iron during the weight loss part of this diet.

If you want to pump weights, wait until you have achieved your goal weight before starting.  This way you will not be replacing fat with heavy muscle.  I recommend endurance training over strength training as a general rule because it has more application in normal everyday living.  A fast pace, one-mile walk in the morning after breakfast three times a week is a good idea and will increase your rate of weight loss on this diet.

What you CANNOT eat on The Fat Burning No Workout Diet

For the rest of this diet, I will refer to good and bad sugars or glucose as, Good or Bad Carbs.  Now let’s talk about what bad carbs are.  Bad carbs fall into four groups, sugar, grains, spuds, and any other high starch food.  I know I did not have to tell you that sugar is one of the bad carbs, but I know you are questioning the idea that grains are bad carbs as well.  Remember what I said about the use of the term Bad in this diet.  I am not saying they are bad for you, just that you will not lose weight while eating them in the mass quantities that you are used to while maintaining an inactive lifestyle.

What is included in the grains group?  Wheat is the first and major one that will be hard for you to eliminate from your diet.  You will find out that bread is the cornerstone of the American diet.  It is the main part of the food pyramid put out by the USDA.  What is that about the US being the most obese nation in the world?  Hum… I wonder why?  Do you think it might be because of all those grains we eat?

The truth is that grains are fattening!  If you don’t believe me, go to any cattle feedlot and see what they are feeding the cows to fatten them up.  Don’t stop there!  Go to a chicken farm or pig farm next and see what they are feeding the animals to fatten them up.  You got it.  GRAINS!  I have raised livestock myself and have many friends that do the same.  If I wanted to fatten my livestock up, I would put them on a grain diet.

I bet most of you have driven by a wheat field of some kind and thought that one day that wheat would end up in a loaf of bread.  Most likely it did not.  In most cases, it was baled up and fed to livestock. I have traveled and lived in many countries.  Grains are the primary source of food to fatten up livestock all over the world. Grains are Fattening!

Just to make it clear.  You cannot eat any grain products while on this diet! No wheat, no corn, no rice, no oats, no barley, NO GRAINS.   You cannot eat any spud type of roots that are high in starch.  No potatoes, no yams, no beets, etc, etc, etc.  Now, if you look hard enough you might be able to find another high starch food like Manioc root that doesn’t fall into the four groups I mentioned.  You can’t have that either!  If you are in doubt, just ask yourself if it is a high starch or sugary food.  If it is, you can’t eat it.

Take a close look at a baked potato.  It basically looks like a pile of yellow sugar granules, and that is really what it is.  Spuds, grains and high starch foods require almost no energy to digest and they turn straight into glucose in your system.  The next time you want to eat an 8 ounce baked potato, just imagine that you are eating 8 ounces of sugar by the spoonful.  That is really what you are doing!

What you CAN eat on The Fat Burning No Workout Diet

You can eat anything that is not on the “cannot eat” list.  You can eat meat of any kind. You can eat all the vegetables you want as long as they are not a high starch vegetable.  You can eat just about any raw fruit, especially citrus.   In fact, there is one type of fruit that you absolutely must eat with every meal.  You must eat at least ½ of a grapefruit with each meal.  You can drink 3 ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice instead if it is easier.  This is the only MUST as far as what you can eat.

The reason that can and must eat grapefruit with every meal on this diet is, it is almost impossible for your digestive system to digest grapefruit.  When something is hard for your digestive system to digest, your body has to work harder to digest it and it has to rev up your metabolism in order to do this.  Because grapefruit is so hard (nearly impossible) for your body to digest, Grapefruit is the catalyst that causes your body to rev up your metabolism.

Meat, raw fruits, and raw vegetables are hard for your body to digest and even though some of them may contain carbs, your body uses most or all those carbs to digest them so there is little or nothing left to turn into fat.  This is what I call a GOOD carb, because it gives your body fewer carbs then it takes to digest it.  Of course you can cook your vegetables if you want, but try to eat most of them raw, and all of your fruit raw.  Whole fruit is preferable over fruit juice.  The reason for this is that most fruit juice is sweetened and that which is unsweetened has already taken out most of the work that your body would have to do to digest the fruit if it were whole. Take it easy on the fruit during the first month of this diet.  Don’t eat more than three fruit items a day (not including the grapefruits). Avoid high sugar fruits like watermelon and dates. You can eat all the grapefruit you want up to 5:00pm.  Just know that the more grapefruit you eat, the hungrier you are going to get.


You can eat Bacon and Eggs on The Fat Burning No Workout Diet!  Yum! Yum!

Now you are probably thinking,  “What! You mean to tell me that I can eat bacon and eggs, steak and cheese and still lose weight.  No way!”  Yes, way!  You see, these foods will only make you fat if you are eating all the bad carbs along with them.  This is because the bad carbs will be providing all your energy needs and your body will just store up the excess fats and oils found in these foods as fat reserves.  That is why I said earlier, that if you don’t follow this diet exactly, you will gain weight.  But if you follow this diet, you will lose weight because your body will now have to burn up these fats and oils for energy during the day.

Since you will go to bed on an empty stomach, there will not be anything left for your body to store up as fat during the night and you will lose weight as you sleep.  Now, I am not suggesting that you eat a pound of bacon for breakfast.  You don’t have to eat any at all if you don’t want to.  There are healthy meat choices for you to choose from too.  The healthier choices you make from the food you can eat, the quicker you will lose weight.  You can buy lean ground beef, or ground turkey for example.  If you can, try to use as much wild game meat as possible.  There is nothing leaner or chemical free then wild game meat.  Wild game is the ultimate free-range meat.

Switch to using extra virgin olive oil or canola oil for all your frying needs.  Use freeze dried vegetables instead of canned vegetables.  There are many things you can do to increase the effectiveness of this diet beyond the basic guidelines.  Taking a good multivitamin may not help you lose weight but it may compensate for vitamins you may not be getting through your diet.


Halleluiah for SPLURGE DAYS!

Here comes the best part of this diet.  I told you before that I designed this diet to be a lifestyle diet.  I don’t think it would be much of a lifestyle diet if I were to tell you that you could not eat pizza or birthday cake every once in a while.  In fact, you will be able to eat these things more often than you think, on this diet.  You will just have to plan your special events to happen on your “Splurge Days”.

Ah yes, those wonderful splurge days where you can eat anything you want.  Now you are starting to perk up a bit I see.  Good!  Here is how the splurge day system works.  You will start your diet on a Monday.  You will follow the diet exactly for 12 days.  This will take you through one weekend, but the weekend after that will be a splurge weekend during which you can eat pizza, hamburgers, cake ect.  In fact, you MUST eat some bad carbs on this weekend, even if you don’t want to.  “Not want to!” you say, “Are you out of your freaking mind!”

No, I am not crazy. Once you get used to the non-bloated feeling of this diet and go back and eat some of those bad carbs and feel all bloated and gassy, you might want to skip the splurge weekend, but you can’t.  So, go ahead and force yourself to eat that slice of pepperoni pizza.  Well, maybe a nice whole-wheat sandwich would better, but you get my point.  Do not skip your splurge days!

The weight loss portion of this diet is a 12-days-on, 2-days-off regimen.  After you have reached your goal weight, you will switch to the weight maintenance portion of the diet that will be a 5-days-on, 2-days-off regimen.  If you start to gain weight you might have to go to 6 days on and just 1 day off.  The morning of your first splurge day before you eat anything is when you will take out your scale and weigh yourself using the weighing guidelines stated previously.  Then you will put your scale away again for another two weeks.


How to Shop and Cook for The Fat Burning No Workout Diet

This is where you will have to learn to change the way you think.  As soon as you hit the grocery store, you are going to walk down the aisle after aisle of things that you cannot buy.  Why?  Because they all contain sugar or grains in some form.  Remember what I said about the food industry being geared towards America’s glucose addiction.  After you have shopped a few times on this diet you will begin to see clearly why American’s have a weight problem.

You will have to learn to read labels.  Generally speaking, if it comes in a box, bottle, can or a bag, you can’t eat it.  This is where many people give up on this diet. They give up because they just can’t find anything to buy to eat.  Also, there are very few things you can eat at a restaurant besides a garden salad (No Crotons!).

You may struggle to find good food even at a buffet, aside from a salad and some baked chicken (if they have it).  You will find that most of the food on a buffet will be comprised of grains (corn, rice, pasta, rolls etc.), spuds (baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato salad, yams etc.), or has been covered and fried in grain-based batter.

Oh, and what about all those deserts? You know you can’t have those.  Even if they are sugar-free, they are made of starches and other things that turn into glucose in your system. You need to stop thinking “Sugar-Free” and start thinking “Glucose Free”.  An ounce of corn or rice starch is an ounce of sugar to your body.

You will be lucky if you find some green beans on a normal buffet!  Do you know why this is?  It is because grains and spuds are the cheapest things they can feed you!  Go to a normal restaurant and order a steak and see what your side dish choices are.  They will most likely be bread and potatoes.  On rare occasions, they might offer some mixed vegetables, but if you order them you might get 2 or 3 ounces worth, where you would have gotten a 1 pound baked potato with a large slice of Texas toast instead.  They do this for the same reason the buffet does it.  It’s cheaper.  Don’t think oriental food is any better.  Despite the fact that it is mostly vegetables, it is normally cooked in a rice starch base, and that is not to mention all that MSG.  So, the bottom line here is that you will have to prepare most of your food yourself until the American food industry starts offering healthier choices for the general population.  There are some things you can eat at restaurants, but you will have to look for restaurants that offer them.


Learn to Cook for The Fat Burning No Workout Diet

Preparing food for yourself is not that bad once you get used to it and it does not take as long as you would think, once you know how.  The best thing ever invented is freeze-dried vegetables.  According to a recent study, freeze-dried vegetables are better for you than fresh vegetables and they come already cut up and ready to go.  You can’t beat that!  Can goods are not as good for you, though they are quicker to cook, because they come along with a lot of preservatives. They are okay if that is all you have though. You can find freeze-dried vegetables at any grocery store in 16oz bags in a variety of healthy blends.  Birds Eye produces some 5lb bags of blends that you can great at Wal-Mart for around $7.

For lunch, you can take out a 1lb bag of Italian Blend freeze-dried vegetable and throw them in the microwave for a few minutes.  In the meantime, you can be sautéing about a half pound of meat in some extra virgin olive oil.  When your vegetables are thawed you can dump them right into the pan with your meat and sauté it all for a few minutes.  Add seasoning to your taste and Walla!  You have a decent size (22oz), healthy, delicious meal that did not take more than 15 to 20 minutes to make.  If you can’t eat it all, you could save the rest for your light, 5:00 pm supper.  If you have to take your lunch with you to work you could make it the night before or in the morning.

I usually buy my meat in bulk and then divide it up into half pound portions and store it in plastic freezer bags.  This makes it easy to thaw and quick to cook.  If you don’t have time to cook every day, you could prepare enough for several days at one time.  Try to vary your meats and vegetable selections as frequently as possible so you don’t get tired of the same thing.  Change your spices and discover new recipes to try.  This is a big change in the way you are used to eating.  Be creative.

The Fat Burning No Workout Diet, Q & A


  1. Is this diet healthy for me?
  2. As I said in the introduction; I believe that this diet will help any healthy person achieve their normal body weight. Whether or not something is healthy for you is subjective.  While the dietary portion of this diet has mostly been derived from suggestions from heart doctors, you may find another heart doctor that disagrees.  Others and I have been on this diet for years and I feel great.  The best thing to do if you are in doubt is to take this diet to your doctor and get her/his approval.  Every person is an individual and while this diet might be right for most, it may not be right for you.  You should let your doctor decide.



Q.  What about snacks?

  1. Snacks are allowed until 5:00pm. A snack should be nothing more then an apple, an orange, a celery stick, some baby carrots etc.  Here is a great tasting shake I make for myself as a snack.  1 banana, 8 ounces of milk, 1 package of Splenda (or the sweetener of your choice) and around 6 ice cubes.  Place all of this in a blender and blend for about 30 seconds.  You can use different fruits if you like.  They all taste great.  Just remember that a snack is not a meal.  You want to be hungry when you eat lunch because you want to be able to eat a good portion.  Remember lunch is going to be the last substantial meal for many hours.


  1. What if I get too hungry before bed?
  2. If you find yourself ready to eat your furniture around 9:00pm, this is normal.  If you can make it to bed without eating great; but if it is too much for you to handle, you can have one pickle or a half of a grapefruit.  The pickle works the best for me because the vinegar neutralizes some of the stomach acid.  It is best to try to go to bed early while on this diet.


  1. What about parties I am invited to?
  2. Try to avoid parties that don’t fall on your splurge days because they are all about eating the bad carbs. There will be lots of bad carbs there like chips and cake. If you have to go to one, eat before you go and just take a vegetable platter for you to snack on to curb the cravings.


  1. What if I give in to temptation while not on a splurge day?
  2. Start saving money for liposuction! I’m just kidding.  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  If it is within a day or two of your splurge days just go ahead and take that day and the next as your splurge days and start the regimen again after that.  If it is in the middle of the regimen or close to the beginning, just start your regimen of 12 days over from that day.  If the new regimen does not end on a weekend you might extend it to the next weekend or shorten it a day or two, but never more then two days. It is best to try to keep your splurge days on a weekend because then you can do things with your family and friends unencumbered by the diet.   It is very important on this diet that you don’t fluctuate on and off again.  This will cause you to gain weight instead of losing it.




The statements made in this diet have not been evaluated by a medical doctor or the Food and Drug Administration. This diet is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before starting this diet you should discuss it with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you.