Pink Flamingo Heliconia

Pink Flamingo Heliconia (Heliconia chartacea)

Heliconia chartacea is a herbaceous plant, with paired large oblong leaves like those of the banana. It can grow to 7–8 m in height, and plants can form large clumps with age. The flowering stems are pendulous. The bright pink color of the flower bracts is rare among heliconias, making it very easy to identify. The conspicuous pink part of the large and showy hanging inflorescences is actually the waxy bracts, (modified leaves), with the small green true flowers half-hidden inside. It has blue-black fruits that contain 3 very hard seeds, which are capable of extended dormancy in the soil.

Photo taken in North Central Brazil. To learn more about the Heliconia chartacea check out these books:

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This Beautiful Pink Flamingo Mug

Pink Flamingo Heliconia (Heliconia chartacea) Mug





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