Reticulated Night Lizard (Lepidophyma reticulatum). Amazing Tropical Reptiles

Reticulated Night Lizard (Lepidophyma reticulatum)

Reticulated Night Lizard (Lepidophyma reticulatum)

While on a recent trip to the Central American country of Costa Rica, I got to visit the Manuel Antonio National Park. While there I had the opportunity to capture some excellent photographs of several native types of frogs and lizards.  This beautiful Reticulated Night Lizard is just one of the many cool animals that I saw there.  If you are ever in Costa Rica, I highly recommend you visit this park.

The Reticulated Night Lizard is a primarily a diurnal (daytime) lizard, in spite of it's name.  It is mostly active from dawn to dusk.  It is also called the, Costa Rican tropical night lizard, because it is found almost exclusively in Costa Rica.  There is not a lot of information about this cute little lizard.  It appears that it likes to hang out in the opening of burrows (such as in this picture) waiting for unsuspecting insects to come by.

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Photo Captured with the following equipment:

1. Nikon 20-60x82mm Prostaff Spoting scope with Smartphone Adaptor

2. Samsung Smartphone


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