Benjamin Trail NP Air Pistol | Full Break-in Testing | FPS & FPE

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hey guys the jungle explorer here and

today I am going to be

uh breaking in this benjamin trial np

air pistol okay guys you can see here it

says 35

i bought it on clearance at Walmart a

couple of years ago i was just buying

something else i saw this was the last


and at the time they were selling for

around 150

so it was too good of a deal to pass up

i snatch it up and I don’t even think

they make this thing anymore um i think

it’s discontinued but you know you might

find one somewhere in a pawn shop or

on a garage sale or online and be

wondering how it performs well i’m just

gonna run it through some initial break

in i’ve never had this out of the box

i’ve never shot it once so it’s brand

spanking new even though i did buy it a

couple of years ago i’ve just had it


and i found it the other day and said

you know what i’m gonna give it a try

and see how it works and maybe other

people might be interested in seeing how

this thing performs so i’m going to

start out by doing an initial testing on

it to see how it performs right out of

the box and then i’m going to do a break

in we’re going to shoot a lot of pellets

through it to kind of smooth it out a

little bit and then do a post break in

um testing on it to see if it improved

or if it’s still shooting the same so

let’s break it out of the box here and

see what this thing looks like um

again i just bought it because it was

such an

amazing deal on clearance and uh never

actually shot it before so it’s exciting

day to get this thing out of the box


all right

still in the plastic here

okay i’m filming outside so there’s

ambient sounds there’s going to be a jet

flying over here in a second

let’s look at it here okay

it’s heavy it’s got some it’s got some

weight to it

we’ve got a safety here

let’s see the sides

fiber optic sights on it here


oh let’s [ __ ] it

it cock’s pretty hard man

had to actually put it over my knee and

hit this barrel to get it to caulk so

i’ve got some crosman 7.4 green pointed

pellets here


there’s a tree right here just gonna

test it out for the very first shot ever

out of this gun let’s see what happens


that’s not loud at all

wow that’s

that’s actually quite very quiet

shot into that tree didn’t

the trigger it’s got a long trigger you

know trigger pull on it

hopefully that’ll smooth out just a

little bit but um

i was pretty impressed i was expecting a

lot louder crack out of it and a lot

more jump it really

was quite silent there so i’m going to

go ahead and run

um some pellets over the chronograph

here and let’s see what it does

there for speed and different pellets

and weights

okay for this initial stage here i’m

going to be using four different pellets

first i’m going to use the crossman

puree pointed which is a 7.4 grain


then i’ll be using the

crosman premiere

hollow point which is a 7.9 grain pellet

then i’ll be using the js

b strattons which is

an 8.2 grain 2 6 grain pellet and

last i’ll be using the jsb diablo’s

exact which or an 8.4 front four four

grain pellets so we’re going from 7.4 to

with two different weights in between

and see how this thing performs with

these different weights initially coming

out of the box let’s see what they do

we’ll be shooting five pellets each over

the crawling so let’s see what we get

now it’s pretty difficult to caulk when

the gun is like this but it comes with

this little cauck assist thing so you

just insert this down in here

like this and then

push it up like that and then we can

[ __ ] it a little bit easier so let’s

start off with pellet number one

the crossman 7.4 grain

and let’s shoot five pellets

over the crawny and see what we get here

okay so we’ve got about between 510 and

on the

crosman pointed

the crosman hollow point 7.9 grain let’s

see what they do

okay so we got about 480 to 490 out of

the 7.9 grain pellets

let’s switch over

to the jsb

strattons which is an

all right so we got about 460 on average

out of the

now we’re going to go to our heaviest

pellet today

which is the


okay so we got about 440 on average out

of the jsb



obviously the heavier the pellet the

velocity drops down

i will throw the fb calculations up on

screen for each one of these pellets and

that will give you kind of idea which

one is the best one to use so far

but now i’m gonna break this in and

shoot oh

gonna run about a hundred of these 7.4

grains over there just to

smooth it out get some you know break in

out of it so let’s go ahead and get at

that and see what it does


all right so

i lost count of how many shots it took

it took a while to shoot all that

um kind of my camera my target camera

went down there for a little bit i

caught a few shots there at the end

but um anyways yeah that’s about 100

plus what i shot over the crony so about

it seemed like the the faster i shot the

hotter the barrel got um the begin to

lose a little power so i’ve let it sit

here for oh

probably five minutes here um

this is pretty warm here so let’s go

ahead and see

now not that anybody would be shooting

it that fast i mean in the wild you’re

going to be shooting a cold gun but

let’s see what it’s going to do hot

because it did seem like i was losing


elevation on it

now to get this thing to caulk

it’s real hard to caulk it like this i

basically just

hit it like that on my knee that makes

it real easy whoa

twisting my shooting table here

okay i want to throw that up on screen

there granny let’s see what it’s done

after about 100 shots

as fast as i could shoot him here see

what our velocities are on this

yeah 507 see it has dropped quite a bit

um from

when it was in its cold state

let me shoot one more

i may need to let this thing cool down a

little bit before i do the

final velocity test because it seems

like it does lose velocity

you know shooting a whole bunch like i


yeah let’s go ahead and let it cool down

a little bit i’ll come back and uh see

what it does when that spring is all

cold because i’ve been cocking and

shooting the heck out of this thing all

right so i’m back out the next day

the guns had all night to set

and so i’m going to turn my cronie on


and let’s see if

it has stabilized or what’s happening

with this gun yesterday it lost quite a

bit of velocity in the break-in

with this pellet right here

it was shooting about 520 before the

break-in and then afterwards it was down

about four or 450 around there and we’re

just jumping all over the place


everything is calmed down and let’s see

what we get on this first one here

okay 459

i was hoping it’d go back up

but let’s try another one here

wow 459 420 that’s a 40 fps

jump that’s not good

let’s try this another one a third one

let’s try one more it’s kind of windy


or 321 oh my gosh what was that


what in the world

went from the 400s to the 300s

let’s try again


now it’s lost about 200 fps

over yesterday

we’re jumping 100 feet per second



well i’ll tell you what i am

really disappointed i just uh

i was hoping for better performance out

of this thing but

i mean it’s already a low low power this

is the lightest pellet i have at 7.4


the box says right here

but i’m sure that’s with something like

maybe a five grain pellet

uh it was shooting about 5 20 yesterday

with these pellets

right here when i first started out but

after the break-in

is now jumping all over the place the

spring appears to be

just flopping around in there


i now see why they sold it for 35


really it’s not trustworthy with that

kind of fps jumping that low of velocity

would not be accurate

i shot a whole bunch yesterday and i was

able to get some accuracy out of it but

um it’s just getting down in a range

where it would not be useful for


especially any kind of hunting at 330


i mean it’d be very few things other

than a mouse that it would kill


just uh not reliable


you know so

there you go that’s what this test was

about was to kind of give you an idea

whether you should consider this thing

right now my opinion is um if you happen

on one of these just uh pass it by

it is not worth it it’s a cool looking

gun i mean it actually is pretty nice i

i really enjoyed shooting it

and uh was really hoping that it would

perform a lot better than this there may

be some fixes to actually improve this

thing to some degree but i don’t know

um if i’m going to invest it i’ll look

online and if i do find some way to fix

this and make it a better pistol i may

post a follow-up video

uh for a mod on this thing to make it


um but right now as it is i’m going to

say this is a pass

and uh

you know it’s a toy

and it was worth 35 dollars maybe so all

right guys well i hope you enjoyed this

video if you have please like subscribe

and comment until next time this is the

jungle explorer signing out