REVIEW: Ruger LCP II 380


With all the mass shootings happening all over the place, people are starting to realize that the police will always too far away to help you when you really need it, and that the difference between you living and dying comes down to the ability to defend yourself against a psychopath with a gun.  For some reason, there are people who cannot grasp the very basic and simple concept that, it is a right of Natural Law that each person has the irrevocable right to defend their life against anything or anyone.   You only have one life and you don't get a second chance.  No government can ever take this right away from you no matter what laws they make.   It does not mean they cannot try, but it is up to you to understand that you have this right and that you and you alone are responsible to protect your life.  To put in the wise words of my grandfather; "It is better to be judge by twelve then to be carried by six."  

When it comes to personal defense, there are as many opinions out there as there are weapons.  My personal philosophy on it is simple; the best self defense weapon in the world is, The one you have with you when you need!.   All the arguments about power, penetration, functionality and the rest will not help you if you don't have that gun with you when the time comes to protect your life.  For this reason, I like a weapon that can be with me anywhere at anytime and one that I can comfortably keep on my person regardless of what I am wearing that day.  For this purpose, there is no better option then the "Pocket Pistol."   

Back in the wild west days, the preferred pocket pistol was a simple two barreled gun called the Derringer.  This tiny gun gained the nickname, "Belly gun", because it was so under powered and inaccurate that you had to stick in a person's belly and shoot for it to be any serious threat to an attacker.  But even so, it was feared in it's day because any person could carry it and it has been responsible for countless deaths through out it's history.  So, even as bad as it was, it was still the best self defense weapon in the world, if that is what you had on you when you needed it.

Today though, we have many much better options for pocket pistols, all of which are far superior to the Derringer of the wild wild west.  So the issue today, is which pocket pistol is best for you?  Well, it all boils down to what you like and want in a pocket pistol.  Having owned and shot many pistols in my day, I simply cannot stand Double Action (DA) semi-auto pistols.   My preferred trigger style is Double/Single action pistols, but I would vastly prefer a single action only pistol to a double action only pistol.  I could give you my reasons, but what it really boils down to in the end is, Individual Preference.   Unfortunately, when I started looking into semi-auto pocket pistols, I found that almost all of them are DA only. 

Then Ruger came out with the LCP II that is SAO (Single Action Only) and I fell in love.  I bought the LCP II and have owned it for 6 months now and I can say that I really like it.  Is it my perfect pistol?  No, there a couple thing I would change.  But like I said, if it is what I have when I need it, then it is the best pocket pistol in the world.  

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