REVIEW: LED Projector Showdown! DBPower T20 VS Pocket Pico Android

I remember the days when if you wanted to show a movie to a crowd, you had to lug huge Bell & Howell 16mm film projector that weighed 50 pounds (or at least it felt like it.  Then you had to have a movie reel that weighed another 10 pounds.  So on and so forth.   Then came technology advancements and for $2000 your could buy a halogen video projector that you could hook a VCR or DVD player to and watch videos.  This was much better and lighter and but still large and bulky to use.  Plus those darn halogen bulbs were hot, power hungry and cost a fortune to replace. 

Today though, it is a different story.  Today you can buy a projector that is small and light, uses an energy efficient LED bulb and plays HD video from an MicroSD card the is insert into it.  Having come from the movie showing history I talked about above, it simply fascinating to me that this is even possible.  So when I started looking for a projector to buy, I was skeptical about well they actually would work.   So I ordered two models to test and see if they were worth using.  I am glad to say that I was very surprised at how well both of these units worked. 

I want to state here that both of these units are good.  Neither one of them should be considered as bad.   One of the downfalls of trying demonstrate the quality of a video by filming it with another video camera is that you really cannot capture the true quality of the projection.  So the visual representations offered in this video should not be considered to be true to the nature of what I was seeing in person.  But hopefully they will give you enough of a sense to make an educated assessment of each projector.   Personally, I favored the Pico Pocket projector for many reasons that I give in the video.  It can fit in your pocket.  It is battery powered.  It is Android powered and has a much more functional and easy to use interface then the DBpower T20.  But for those that simply want something for their living room, the DBpower T20 is an excellent choice as well.  

 In this video I talk about this sweet 9mm and the reasons I like it.  

Here is a list of the products used in the making of this video.