REVIEW: Comfyer Cyclone Cordless Vacuum. Live Testing and Demonstration!

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I am old enough to remember the days of the original Black & Decker Dustbuster hand vac. It was a very neat concept that sadly left a lot to be desired in the way of power and suction. I have not owned a battery powered vacuum in the last 30 years, so I did not know what to expect out of this Comfyer cordless vacuum. I am happy to report that this little thing is an absolute joy to use. It took me a few minutes to figure out how all the parts fit together, but once I got the hang of it an switched the powerful 22 volt motor on I was on the hunt for something to vacuum up.

I really wanted to see just what this thing could pick up, so I grabbed a handful of marbles and threw them on the floor. It sucked them up with easy. Next I got a cup full of dirt and pea gravel form my yard and it plowed threw that like nothing. I felt strongly that my 4-Door pickup truck was in neat of a good vacuuming, so I went out and did that.

This vacuum comes with several attachments, all of which can be used with or without the extension tube . The floor head attachment is really cool and the engineers did a great job with the swivel system. Unlike many other hand held models of vacuums that I have used where the head is fixed in a single position, the floor head on this comfyer vacuum swivels a full 180 degrees with just a slight twitch of the wrist. It really operates extremely smoothly with almost no effort to turn it. I found my self feeling like a kid driving his new toy car around the floor making race car noises.

After all the test and vacuuming my Crew Cab 4 door Silverado 2500HD 4X4 pickup out, I had only used 1/3 of the battery life of the battery. That is quite a lot of work and I had the motor on high power the whole time. But if battery life is a concern, the battery on this vacuum is fully removable too, so if you buy an extra battery, you can just pop in a new a new one and keep going.

Bottom Line:
I found this vacuum to be well designed and fun use. Even my wife hates hates vacuuming is chopping at the bit to get her hands on it and use it.



Manufacturer’s Product Description: 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner

● Easily transforms from a cordless stick vac to a handheld vacuum cleaner, perfect for reaching into tight crevices in your house and vehicles.

● The long extension hose makes it easy to fits under the bed as well as traps the cobweb on the ceil. High Performance on All Floors

● LED Light Power Brush with 8Kpa powerful suction, not only has a high performance on cleaning dust but also fits a different kind of floor and carpets.

● The electric double spiral brush roller made of soft material, clean your hard floor thoroughly without leaving any scratches. 180° Rotating LED Brush Head

● The 180° rotating power brush head with double spiral brush roller is extremely flexible to clean the hard-to-reach places.

● The front LED lights Highly increase cleaning efficiency for a deep and thorough vacuuming without dead-ends. Versatile Vacuum for Cleaning Everywhere

● The vacuum cleaner comes with Extension Tube, 180-degree Power Brush, Upholstery Brush, and Crevice Tool for cleaning in various places.

● The length of the extended stick vacuum is up to 3.6 feet and the main unit is only 2.68lbs, which make it easy to carry place to place due to its lightweight and portable cordless design. One Button Release the Dust

● Detachable and washable 0.21-gallon large dust container and HEPA filter, and one simple button push action gives you a hygienic and empty bin.

● This design would be more Eco-friendly and save the cost of purchasing more bags. Bagless vacuum with visual bin makes it easy to know when to empty the dust.