REVIEW: Cheap Dash Cam vs Cheap Dash Cam. Real World Side by Side testing and Comparison.

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In this video I take a look at two ultra cheap dash cams I bought off of I bought both of these cameras off of in the hopes of being able to use them in my vehicles.
Have you ever asked yourself; “Are really cheap dash cameras worth the price? Well, in this video I tried to answer that question. In this complete in-depth review, I review an ultra cheap dash cam I bought off of for $18. There are many of these super cheap car cameras out there and I have always wondered how such a budget camera would perform. So, I bought one and took this inexpensive dash camera for a spin and put it through every test I could think of. I also matched it up against a budget action camera of mine to give you a performance comparison. My thorough testing reveled several things. There were some surprises and there were disappointments. I’ll let you watch the results and decided for yourself it an &18 dash cam is right for you.