REVIEW: Are Cheap Dash Cameras worth the price?

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Have you ever asked yourself; “Are really cheap dash cameras worth the price? Well, in this video I tried to answer that question. In this complete in-depth review, I review an ultra cheap dash cam I bought off of for $18. There are many of these super cheap car cameras out there and I have always wondered how such a budget camera would perform. So, I bought one and took this inexpensive dash camera for a spin and put it through every test I could think of. I also matched it up against a budget action camera of mine to give you a performance comparison. My thorough testing reveled several things. There were some surprises and there were disappointments. I’ll let you watch the results and decided for yourself it an &18 dash cam is right for you.


Manufacturer’s Description:

  • 2.7 Inch LCD screen, 1080P Full HD and 12MP resolution, large screen shows the realtime image, helps you clearly see every details when playing back and brings clear visual evidence.
  • 170° wide angle lens covers larger viewing angle reducing blind spots, enable the Cam to see 3 lanes. 6 infrared LED fixed-focus provides better night vision, emitting low heat, ensuring crystal clear video.
  • The user-friendly interface features guarantee quick recognition and intuitive operation. Real-time preview without being obstructive, easy-to-use for drivers of all ages.
  • Gravity Sensor, loop recording, motion detection, the dashboard cam will auto mark current footage whenever an event leading up to a collision. Safe and lock the video as potentially critical evidence in an insurance claim.
  • We offer you 100% satisfaction 90 days hassle free money back guarantee, and lifetime warranty. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us via Amazon message. We will reply you in 24 hours.