How To: Ultimate Ruger 10/22 Quick Disconnect Compact Scope See-Thru set up

Come on, admit it.  You sometimes wonder about the world we live in.  We all hope and pray that everything continues the way they are, but we know deep inside that things could one day change, and they could be for the worse; a lot worse.  Now while some people dig holes in the ground and store up a 100 years worth of food, most of us just want to be able to provide food for ourselves if in the event that we ever should need to.  And thus the question of what weapon is the best comes up and the debate on this point is endless and tangled.  Fortunately for me, I have actually spent the better part of two decades living in and exploring the deepest, remotest jungles on our planet.  I have depended on my ability to hunt game for my very survival.  

In my years of experience surviving off nature, I have learned a few things about what is needed in a survival weapon.  There are five basic things that you need in a survival weapon.

  1. It needs to be dependable.  This means it must be durable and simple.  It cannot rely on electronics, so all these fancy red dot, illuminated recital, fast acquisition reflex sites, night vision, and thermal scopes, are all out.  It also means the less less moving parts the better.  So in truth, the best gun for this purpose would a single shot brake barrel rifle.  But there are some semi-autos that have been time tested and proven they will hold up.  One of these is the Ruger, 10/22. 
  2. You need the capacity to carry a large quantity of ammo for it.  There is no other caliber that meets this qualification then the .22LR
  3. It needs to be lightweight and easy to carry.    Again the Ruger 10/22 meet this qualification handily.
  4. It needs to be compactable.  This qualification is only really necessary for urban areas where you may not want people knowing that you are carrying a weapon.
  5. It needs to be low noise.  Again the .22 LR fits this qualification with ease.

Now you might have thought that Powerful might have been on that list, but the simple truth is, when it comes to surviving off the land, 99 times out of 100, you will be going after small game rather then large game animals.  But not to worry.  The .22LR is very capable at killing very large animals in the right hands.  I have personally killed many large animals as large as 600 pounds with ease with the .22LR and have known people that have kill bears with it.

In this video I show you one possible answer to all these needs.   I am not saying that this is the only solution or even the best.  I am just saying that this is one possible solution that I would be comfortable with if that day we hope never comes actually arrives. 


Here is a list of the products used in the making of this video.