Benjamin Marauder .25. Long Range Airgun Pesting

In this video I do a little pesting for a farmer friend that is overrun with rabbits and prairie dogs that are causing thousands in crop damage.  These animals are very wary of rifles because they have been hunted so much and disappear at the first sound of a gun shot.  This made it a prime opportunity for an air rifle.  So I took my Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber out to do a little silent shooting.  Of course the day I got to go, the wind was blowing like crazy making long distant shots with an air gun extremely complicated.   It was a great opportunity to practice some extreme hold over.  As you can see in the video, not every shot was perfect, but being able to land a shot in those conditions at all is a testament to the accuracy and capability of the Benjamin Marauder.  

Here is a list of the products used in the making of this video.