Winchester Power Max .223 64 grain Impact on Whitetail Buck

In this video, I demonstrated the impact damage, expansion, and travel of a .223 caliber Winchester Power Max Bonded on a 160-pound Whitetail buck. The Winchester Power Max is supposed to be a Bonded bullet that provides rapid expansion while maintains its integrity.  It is a heavy 64 grain .223 bullet which makes it much better for larger game animals than the standard 55-grain bullet that is commonly found in the .223 caliber.   The deer was taken at 170+ yards and as the video shows, the bullet had almost 24 inches of travel after impact and retained almost 100% of its weight.

Here is a list of the products used in the making of this video.

Rifle: Savage Axis II XP .223 -----------------------------------

Bullet: Winchester PowerMax Bonded .223 --------------