Texas Engelmann Daisy ( Engelmannia peristenia )


Texas Engelmann Daisy ( Engelmannia peristenia )

This daisy is native to Texas and much of the southern part of the United States.  It’s native distribution is from Arizona to Arkansas.  It is a heat and drought tolerant and grows in a wide variety of soils.  In Texas it blooms from March through November if the condition are right.   Growing up to two feet tall, the Engelmann Daisy is a stout little plant that provides and good source of pollen for honey bees and other pollinator.  It is also a food source for herbivorous animals such as deer and rabbits. 

The plant is very high in protein, reach up to 25% in early spring.  Because of it’s high protein content, domestic grazing animals such as beef cattle, goats and sheep find it very palatable. For this reason some ranchers plant it as forage for livestock. The Engelmann Daisy also has a GOOD rating for erosion control by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department because of it’s erosion index of 5.24.

It is possible to extract dye from the plant for use in dying clothes and other crafts. The the process for extract dye from this and many other plants can be found in the bookEdible and Useful Plants of Texas and the Southwest“.

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More Pictures of the Engelman Daisy


The pictures on this page were taken in West Central Texas in the Spring of 2010.



This gorgeous Engelmann Daisy Mug

Engelmann Daisy ( Engelmannia peristenia ) Mug